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Project Description

PLC Training is the greatest innovation since the advent of Industrialization. Programmable logic control or commonly known as  PLC is the  greatest Discovery after the invention of  a Transistor.PLC is one the most sophisticated and most widely used Industrial Instrument in the 21st  century .SMEC Automation being the 1st Marine Automation   company in India are  pioneers in the field of automation. At SMEClabs we provide all the Latest PLCs that are used all over the world .A PLC trained Engineer is the basic requirement of an Automation Engineer. Without the knowledge of a PLC any further automation study is incomplete. At SMEClabs the latest array of PLCs are used in training section. The training is done by experienced faculties who were in the field of Automation. SMEClabs train students in Various programming tools in PLC programming which include Ladder Logic,Structured Text,FBD etc. The students also get trained in Industrial situations which help them cope up with real life Industrial pressure.

plc training
  • International Focus
  • Residential Courses
  • Focus On People
  • Student Dedication
  • Career Placement
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Designed by Industrial Professionals

The curriculum is designed For Both freshers and Experienced Individuals to get a trough knowledge about various Industrial Automation techniques and help them to get Industry ready.

Revised according to the latest trends in Industrial Automation

Updated on: Jan 2018

  • Introduction to PLC Training
  • ABB Training
  • AB Training
  • SIEMENS Training
  • Delta Training
  • Omron Training
  • Schneider Training
  • GE-fanuc Training
  • PLC Hardware Architecture
  • Relay Digital Logic
  • Ladder Logic Programming
  • Functional Block Programming
  • PLC Scan Cycle
  • Bit, Byte & Word Instructions
  • Compare Logical Arithmetic
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Timer, Counter Configuration
  • Instruction Set
  • Upload Download Monitoring of Program
  • Forcing Inputs & Outputs
  • Analog Input Output Addressing
  • Digital Input Output Addressing
  • PLC Troubleshooting
  • I/O Modules Configuration
  • Subroutine & Interrupts Programming
  • Panel Wiring
  • Communication Drivers
  • HMI SCADA Interface
  • Applications
  • Communication Protocols
  • PLC-PLC communication
  • PLC-stepper motor interface
  • PLC-HMI Interface
  • Timer Counter configuration
  • PLC-VFD Training

Job Roles

  1. PLC Engineer
  2. Development Engineer
  3. Automation Engineer
  4. Process Engineer
  5. PLC Programmer
  6. PLC Sales Engineer

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