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Project Description

Industrial Robotics Training Maintenance is carried out at set intervals. This generally results in operational inefficiency and unsafe operating conditions.There are basically three types of Automation Systems available

  1. Fixed or Hard automation

This Automation is done in order to carry out fixed and repetitive automation works more efficiently and thereby achieving high Productivity.Specilal Devices are used to to automate the fixed sequences. Once the system is designed and fixed it is hard to make changes to the existing structure. There it is difficult to provide product variability but can helps to increase the productivity and efficiency

2. Programmable Automation

In this Process a set of desired outputs can be produced by making a small change in the control program in the Automation device. This automation is best suited for batch production process where product volume is medium to high. But in this, it is hard to change and reconfigure the system for a new product or sequence of operations. Therefore, new product or reconfigure of sequence of operations requires a long setup

3. Flexible or Soft Automation

This automation system provides great flexibility in the production design and hence it is used in industries that has varied products.

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The curriculum is designed For Both freshers and Experienced Individuals to get a trough knowledge about various Industrial Automation techniques and help them to get Industry ready.
Revised according to the latest trends in Industrial Automation 

Updated on: Jan 2018

  • Introduction to Robotics.
  • History of Robotics.
  • Introduction to Robotic arms.
  • Components of a Robot.
  • Classification of Robots.
  • Different models of Robotic arms and Selection of Robots.
  • Robot Inspection.
  • Programming in Robots and its Languages.
  • Introduction to robotic simulation software.
  • Pick and place Application.
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