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Project Description

DCS Training Distributed Control System also known as DCS is the most advanced and sophisticated piece of technology in recent times.DCS is used in all the advanced Industries across the world.DCS displays information on a computer and allows process operators to run the process, making the process information available to other people in the plant.Once the DCS converts the process information to personal computer language, it can be distributed to everyone on the plant site and to other parts of the organization that may be located anywhere in the world .Honeywell DCS C300 training is provided by SMEClabs. SMECLabs is the only training provider in India that provides HONEYWELL DCS training. SMEClabs provides a job oriented training in DCS supported by well experienced faculties. Recent trends in globalization, mobile devices, remote operations, and system integration are blurring the lines between distributed control systems (DCS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). To complicate matters, some vendors position their products either as DCS or SCADA depending upon the actual application.

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Job Roles

  1. DCS Engineer
  2. Automation Engineer
  3. Project Engineer
  4. Process Engineer
  5. Application Engineer
  6. DCS Service Engineer
  7. System Engineer

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