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Project Description

Building Automation training is the art of centralizing the control of buildings Ventilations, Transition systems, Air condition system etc. Building Automation focusing  is to create a most effective Technology that can improve the life of the Individuals associated with the building. The core functionality of building automation system is to keep the building climate within a specific range,Keep the lightings in the room in an ambient way ,keep a security check by using various sensors and camera modules. An Automated Building reduces building maintenance and various other costs by creating an effective and efficient alternative. An Automated building is commonly referred to as an Inteligent building or Smart building.SMEClabs provide building management training by providing various MEP, Alarm monitoring systems and  CCTV camera module mixed with networking. Almost all multi-story green buildings are designed to accommodate a BAS for the energy, air and water conservation characteristics.

Electrical device demand response is a typical function of a BAS, as is the more sophisticated ventilation and humidity monitoring required of “tight” insulated buildings. Most green buildings also use as many low-power DC devices as possible, typically integrated with power over Ethernet wiring, so by definition always accessible to a BAS through the Ethernet connectivity. Even a passivhaus design intended to consume no net energy whatsoever will typically require a BAS to manage heat capture, shading and venting, and scheduling device use.SMEclabs provide the best BMS training in India with the support of various experienced faculties.

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Designed by Industrial Professionals

The curriculum is designed For Both freshers and Experienced Individuals to get a trough knowledge about various Industrial Automation techniques and help them to get Industry ready.
Revised according to the latest trends in Industrial Automation 

Updated on: Jan 2018

  • Introduction
  • Drives
  • Drive systems
  • Internal circuits
  • VFD Selection
  • Parameterization
  • Checking Load
  • Rated Voltage
  • Rated Current
  • Rated RPM
  • Commissioning
  • No Load Test
  • Interfacing PLC to VFD
  • Speed Modulation
  • ON/Off Command
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Job Roles

Technical Manager

CCtv Technicians

Security Systems Technician

Energy Auditor

Electrical Engineer/Electronics Engineer

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Estimation Engineer

Site Engineer

Mep  Engineer

Executive Assistant To MdBMS


Test EngineerArea Head/ SalesApplication Engineer


ExecutiveBusiness Development Executive

Security Technician\CCTV  Maintenance

Instrumentation Engineer

MEP EngineerCustomer

Project ManagerSecurity And Loss Prevention

Head project Manager

Project Management Officer

Facilities ManagerBuilding

Services Engineer Trainee

QA Engineer

Systems Engineer


Service EngineerConstruction

Project Manager

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